Who We Are

  • Ed and Dave Goodman are authors, speakers and award-winning creative strategists who have utilized their creative and entertainment backgrounds with enterprises like the Walt Disney Company to create the Spiral Experience Presentation Collection.

  • They are authors of the new book, “Creating The New American Dream – The Spiral Renaissance Theory.” In addition, they are co-authoring an upcoming book on Functional Creativity for the educational community.

  • They have a wealth of experience in many diverse fields and industries. Their special blend of creative strategy and inventive thinking has enabled them to navigate multiple career paths, rising to executive levels in each endeavor.

  • Executive level career experience in entertainment, engineering, community design, marketing, branding, creative strategy, technology, organizational ecology, dreamscaping, experience design and more...

  • ** Ed’s Spirals ** professional trumpet player, scratch golfer, engineer, entertainer/performer, home designer, company founder/launcher, entrepreneur, community planner, marketing, advertising, strategic planning, television producer, non-profit foundation, experience designer, spiralist

  • ** Dave’s Spirals ** professional percussionist, teacher, drummer, jingle writer, conductor, show director, entertainment and music producer, expat executive, global event executive, V.P. Producer, entrepreneur, strategist, experience designer, spiralist