Collaboration Services

Collaboration Serivces

  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Business Reimaging, Lifescaping and Visioneering
  • Experience Design and implementation
  • Brand Development and Market Positioning
  • Spiral and Blue Ocean Thinking
  • Organizational Development
  • Special Events
  • Thinkshops, Speaking, Seminars, Conferences

We believe together we can create inspiring strategies, produce unforgettable experiences, forge long-term relationship and create lasting legacies.

Team-Based, Strategic Thinking and Activation

Team-Based, Strategic Thinking and Activation

  • Spiral Experiences has conceived of an entirely new type of organizational exploration, discovery and activation... not simply a motivational session, typical seminar or corporate retreat. Special programs and offerings enable exceptional ideas, strategies and innovations to be Dreamscaped with accompanying design and implementation systems that deliver results. Companies and organizations benefit from this process... now and in the future!

  • We are all well aware of the growing mountain of evidence about the speed of business in the new century, the need for innovation, market differentiation and solid economics, and yet there are undeniable universal truths that are right in front of us.

Programs and Experience Presentations

Programs and Experience Presentations

  • Thought provoking, inspirational, engaging, interactive programs for organizations and leadership teams, our programs present a new thinking model that guides and teaches you to spiral upward beyond your present circumstances to meet a brighter future possibility... your goals and aspirations... your dreams!
  • Learn the creative thinking secrets behind some of the world’s most inventive companies.

Experience/Presentation Topics:

  • Business Innovation, Strategy and Reimagining
  • Creativity and Business Success
  • Creative Leadership for the 21st Century


  • Corporate Retreats
  • Keynote Presentations
  • ½-Day and 1-Day Thinkshops Experiences
  • Customized Programs and Systems
  • Coaching and Ideation Services
Why Is This Important?

Why Is This Important?

No organization can say that they don’t want and need:

  • exciting new ideas,
  • game-changing strategies, and
  • new ways of systematically creating inventive solutions.

Everyone wishes for:

  • a highly engaged employee at every seat,
  • teams that are high performance collaborators, and
  • a culture of creativity that permeates every nook and cranny of the organization, fully utilizing your human capital.