Ed Goodman

Guides people and organizations in realizing their dreams through creative collaboration and transformation...

Using the principles of experience design, Spiral Thinking, functional creativity and organizational development, Ed helps create new world cultures and first-to-the-world experiences for his clients.

Ed’s creative strategy, inventive thinking and management style have enabled him to navigate multiple career paths, rising to executive levels in entertainment, engineering, community design, marketing, branding, technology, organizational ecology, dreamscaping, experience design and more. He has over 30 years of interdisciplinary problem-solving experience, with consistent effectiveness in ideation and implementation of optimal solutions. Ed has extensive experience with organizations including The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard, University of Colorado Health, The Irvine Company, and Colorado State University. He is an award-winning creative strategist and educational product developer, receiving the EXPY Award as the Experience Design and Stager of the Year and the Cindy Award for the K-12 Education Product of the Year. Ed is a leadership, experience design, and organizational change navigation guide for large healthcare networks. He also serves as the Principal Innovator and Guide for Starizon Studio, the world’s leading experience transformation consultancy. Together, Ed and Dave Goodman are co-developers of the Spiral Thinking Model, which is used throughout the Spiral 20/20 programs.